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Choosing a unique domain name (e.g. mywebsite.co.uk)

The domain name you choose should reflect the name and nature of your business and where you are located. It should be short (as it needs to be memorable) and my personal preference is to avoid using hyphens if possible (making it easier to tell someone your web site address).

A domain name is made up of three elements (see the diagram):

  • A website name
  • A Second Level Domain (or SLD for short) such as .co .me or .org
  • A Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .uk
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We suggest UK based businesses register both a .co.uk and a .uk domain name. Individuals need only register a .uk or .me.uk domain name.

Of course it is possible that your preferred domain name has already been registered. To check if the domain name you have decided upon is still available please click on either of the icons below. You will be taken to a new page and after you enter your preferred domain name that will confirm if the name is still available.

Octen Web Design Nominet Whois button


For UK websites
(such as .co.uk etc.)

Go Search

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For non-UK websites
(such as.com etc.)

Go Search

Don't despair if your preferred choice is already taken. The addition of one or two relevant words should normally produce an unregistered domain name that still reflects the name and nature of your business.

Once you have decided upon a domain name that is free simply contact us and we will register the domain name with one of our carefully selected web site hosting companies. The domain name will remain your property for so long as you pay the annual registration charges.